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Private Water Systems

Every home in Athens County that does not have public water is using a private water system (PWS) to provide drinking water.  A PWS can consist of a well, spring, cistern, hauled water holding tank, or pond.  It is very important the PWS is designed, constructed, and operated properly to provide safe and reliable drinking water.  Under the authority of the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-28, the Athens City-County Health Department (ACCHD) is required to permit and inspect all new, replacement, and altered PWS in Athens County.  If you are in need of a PWS inspection or wish to install, replace, or alter a PWS, please contact this office and review the forms at the following link:  Private Water System Forms.

Once a PWS is installed, the ACCHD ensures the PWS is constructed properly and is providing safe drinking water by sampling the water for bacterial and nitrate contamination.  Many homeowners who have existing PWS are interested in testing their water for contamination.  The ACCHD strongly encourages all PWS owners to either have the ACCHD collect the water sample or have an EPA approved laboratory test the water.  The ACCHD water sample form and list of approved water laboratories can be found here:  Forms