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Sewage Treatment System Program

Every home in Athens County that is not on public sewer rely on an onsite Household Sewage Treatment System (HSTS) to treat and disperse the wastewater from the dwelling.  It is important the HSTS is designed, installed, and operating properly in order to prevent disease tranmission and environmental pollution.  Under authority of the Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29, the Athens City-County Health Department (ACCHD) is required to permit and inspect all new, replacement, and altered HSTS in Athens County.   If you are in need of a HSTS inspection or need a new, replacement, or alteration to a HSTS please click the following link:  Household Sewage Treatment System Forms

Once a HSTS is installed properly, the most important thing you can do is to properly care for and maintain the HSTS.  Current state rules require the ACCHD to enroll every HSTS in Athens County into an Operation and Maintanence (O&M) Program to reduce the number of HSTS that are not working and causing public health nuisances.  The ACCHD is continually adding new, altered, and replaced systems, along with systems causing nuisances, systems inspected as part of a home sale, and HSTS located in areas that have had historically had high failure rates to the O&M Program.  To learn more about proper HSTS care and maintanence please visist the links at the bottom of the page or find homeowner educational information in the Household Sewage Treatment System Forms page.

The Athens City County 

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