Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Phone: 740-592-4431
Fax: 740-594-2370
Address: 278 W. Union St., Athens, OH 45701
After Hours Emergency Number: 1-877-627-2858

Food Safety Program


The Athens City-County Health Department educates, licenses, and inspects all Food Service Operations (FSO), Retail Food Establishments (RFE), Mobile Food Operations, and Temporary Food Services in Athens County.    Licensed establishment are routinely inspected to ensure they are operating in a safe and healthy manner compliant with the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code.  

We are pleased to provide the general public access to every inspection report through this web site.  If you have questions, wish to make a food safety complaint, or report a food borne related illness please feel free to contact us at 740-592-4431.  All inspection reports can be found in the inspection report page linked here:  Inspection Reports.  

Anyone who intends of opening, upgrading, or altering a FSO or RFE must contact this office.   Additional information and resources can be found on the form page linked here:   Forms

Food Safety Links:

Ohio Administrative Code 3701-21   (FSO Rules)
Ohio Administrative Code 901:3-4  (RFE Rules)
Ohio Revised Code 3717 (FSO & RFE Laws)
Ohio Department of Health
Ohio Department of Agriculture
CDC Food Safety
FDA/USDA Food Recalls